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22 Jul 2014

EXCLUSIVE: The National Parliamentary Debate Invitational at UC Berkeley, November 15-16!


Point of Information is proud to announce its partnership with Parliamentary Debate at Berkeley to stage the third annual National Parliamentary Debate Invitational at UC Berkeley on November 15-16, 2014.

The tournament will see six single-flighted preliminary rounds, with the top-third of the pool clearing to elimination rounds. NPDI will continue to be an educational tournament as with time set aside after each round for your qualified adjudicator to provide a detailed oral critique. All judges will have have experience in high school and/or college parliamentary debate.

Stay tuned. Additional information will be forthcoming. The TENTATIVE schedule follows below:

Saturday, November 15
9:00 AM—9:30 AM Registration
9:30 AM Topic Announcement, Round 1
11:15 AM Topic Announcement, Round 2
12:45 AM—2:30 PM Lunch
2:30 PM Topic Announcement, Round 3
4:30 PM Topic Announcement, Round 4
6:30 PM Topic Announcement, Round 5

Sunday, November 16
9:30 AM Topic Announcement, Round 6
11:30 AM Topic Announcement, Elim 1
1:00 PM—2:30 PM Lunch
2:30 PM Topic Announcement, Elim 2
4:00 PM Awards
4:30 PM Topic Announcement, Elim 3
6:00 PM Topic Announcement, Elim 4 (if needed)

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01 Jul 2014

POI Debate Institute: Two Spots Open!


The POI Debate Institute, the nation’s premier high school parliamentary debate summer program, is happy to announce that we have obtained space for 2 additional debaters! If you are considering participating, the time is now to complete your enrollment. Don’t be left out! For more information, please visit
. Our email is

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28 Apr 2014

Leland Wins The California State Championship!

Leland (Chen and Tang)

Leland CT def. Oxford Academy HP (Hwangbo and Park)

Oxford Academy HP [NEG] def. Campbell Hall AE (Amritraj and Ehrenberg) [AFF] [4-1]
Leland CT [NEG] def. South Torrance TR (Tirumala and Ruben) [AFF] [4-1]

Campbell Hall AE BYE
South Torrance TR BYE
Leland CT [NEG] def. Dougherty Valley KW (Konath and Wang) [AFF] [3-0]
Oxford Academy HP [NEG] def. El Dorado GW (Gollihur and Weston) [AFF] [2-1]

Campbell Hall AE [AFF] def. Oxford Academy AL (Allen-O’Gara and Leung) [NEG] [3-0]
Leland CT [AFF] def. Dougherty Valley KW (Konath and Wang) [NEG] [2-1]
Oxford Academy HP [AFF] def. Archbishop Mitty SE (Solanki and Eggleston) [NEG] [2-1]
South Torrance RT [NEG] def. Gunn PA (Patou and Atlas) [AFF] [2-1]
El Dorado GW [NEG] def. Rancho Bernardo VR (Valenzuela and Ramesh) [AFF] [2-1]

Leland is coached by Gay Brasher. This is Leland’s first state championship since Taman Narayan and Ryan Kuo took the title in 2008.
Oxford is coached by Jon Williamson. This marks Oxford’s first State final round appearance.
Both Campbell Hall and South Torrance are coached by Iain Lampert.
This is the first year since Parli’s inception that three out of the final four teams have been from Southern California.

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27 Apr 2014

Summit High School is the Oregon State Champion!

Taking the state tournament by storm, Jules Ginsparg and Jack Hobbs of Summit High School defeated Cleveland’s Sam Schwartz-Horney and Keegan Williams-Thomas to claim the 2014 championship. This year’s tournament was the most exciting in recent memory, with several upsets and an unexpected champion winning the tournament as the 9 seed.

Rounds were surprisingly well-themed, and the vast majority of topics were both more interesting and more evenly divided than circuit tournaments throughout the year. All in all, an excellent tournament for everyone involved.

West Albany’s Ben Delsman successfully defended his title as the tournament’s Top Speaker, with Lincoln’s Emma Hoffman and Ashland’s Fielding Picton finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Results are as follows, with a full bracket and prelim results in the link.

(1) Chris Beltrone & Robert Xu def. (16) Bhavin Gupta & Srinivasa Pranav
(2) Sam Schwartz-Horney & Keegan Williams-Thomas def. (15) Sven Burke & Adam Selker
(14) Ryan Brown & John Ropp def. (3) Emma Hoffman & Alejandra Padin-Dujon
(4) Fielding Picton  & Brielle Preskenis def. (13) Andrew Harris & Nargiz Mitalipov
(5) Ben Delsman & Sydney Roberts def. (12) Brayden Preskenis & Percy Holtzman
(6) Max Groznik & Ammas Tanveer def. (11) Mike Jansen & Tucker Bateman
(7) Joel Kwartler & Zohar Hoter def. (10) Bianca Blanshine & Will Ramstad
(9) Jules Ginsparg & Jack Hobbs def. (8) Julian Kane & Zach Frentress

(9) Jules Ginsparg & Jack Hobbs def. (1) Chris Beltrone & Robert Xu
(2) Sam Schwartz-Horney & Keegan Williams-Thomas def. (7) Joel Kwartler & Zohar Hoter
(5) Ben Delsman & Sydney Roberts def. (4) Fielding Picton  & Brielle Preskenis
(6) Max Groznik & Ammas Tanveer def. (14) Ryan Brown & John Ropp

(2) Sam Schwartz-Horney & Keegan Williams-Thomas def. (6) Max Groznik & Ammas Tanveer
(9) Jules Ginsparg & Jack Hobbs def. (5) Ben Delsman & Sydney Roberts

(9) Jules Ginsparg & Jack Hobbs def. (2) Sam Schwartz-Horney & Keegan Williams-Thomas

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26 Apr 2014

Oregon State Tournament Semis Break

Advancing to semis. Again, we have no seedings or pairings, but regardless, these will be some exciting rounds.

Cleveland Schwartz-Horney & Williams-Thomas
Lake Oswego Groznik & Tanveer
Summit Ginsparg & Hobbs
West Albany Delsman & Roberts