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15 Apr 2014

Prospect defends SCU2 title

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Prospect GS vs. Bentley PP

In the early hours of Monday morning, three exhausted judges declared Prospect High School’s duo of Rohan Grover and Mayank Srivastava the winners of the Santa Clara University Philalethic Invitational. Grover and Srivastava successfully negated the resolution “The USFG should adopt the Finnish collaborative model of education,” defeating Bentley School’s Alexis and Shane Pracar on a 3-0 ballot. Both teams turned in dominating performances en route to the finals; the top-seeded Pracars even beat the other three semifinalist teams during the preliminary rounds. Similarly, Grover and Srivastava only dropped one ballot all tournament as they swept the eliminations to claim Prospect’s second consecutive SCU2 tournament.

Prospect High School is coached by Julie Herman and Hamda Khan. Bentley School is coached by Bruce Jordan.


08 Apr 2014

Bishop O’Dowd Retains The Cup

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The O’Dowd debate team of Caitlin Walsh & Marco Zepeda turned in what is arguably one of the most dominating elim performances on record en route to winning the 2014 Tournament of Champions for the California Cup hosted by Claremont High School over the April 5-6 weekend.

Caitlin & Marco turned in an impressive prelim performance and compiled a ballot count of 10 wins and 4 losses after seven preliminary rounds and held the #2 seed heading into elims. In quarters, Caitlin & Marco squared off against their fellow O’Dowd team of Anna Johnson & Emily Zeme and took the round on a 3-0 decision. In semis, the duo faced SoCal powerhouse Palos Verdes Peninsula Chang & Foltz and picked up the round on a 7-0 decision. The final round, against Bishop O’Dowd’s superb rival Dougherty Valley Konath & Wang, saw Caitlin & Marco affirming the resolution “The United States Federal Government should end drone strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan.” Debating in front of a super-panel of 11 NPDA judges, Caitlin & Marco took possession of the cup on a 10-1 split ballot. Overall, Caitlin & Marco picked up 20 out of 21 judge ballots in elims.

This is the second consecutive year that Bishop O’Dowd High School has taken possession of the California Cup and the third time O’Dowd Debate has won the tournament in its five year history. Bishop O’Dowd Carey Appledorn & Kate Drew won the TOC in 2010 and Nick Accinelli & Nadia Perl won the 2013 TOC with a 3-2 split decision over Caitlin & Marco.

Bishop O’Dowd is coached by Jon Thorpe. Dougherty Valley is coached by Armand Domalewski.


01 Apr 2014

NFL Announces Revisions to Public Forum Debate


Ripon, Wisconsin — Emerging from an emergency closed-door meeting, National Speech & Debate Association (formerly NFL) Executive Director J. Scott Wunn announced that the Association’s board of directors reached a consensus on the much-needed changes to the rules of Public Forum Debate. A comprehensive list of amendments will be posted on the National Speech & Debate Association website by April 25, 2014. The 2015 National Speech & Debate Association National Tournament will be the first tournament to utilize the new rules.

Wunn provided a sneak peak of the upcoming changes. Below are the highlights:

  • The 2-minute summary and final focus speeches will be merged into one 5-minute speech. “I am particularly excited about this change,” stated National Speech & Debate Association Director of Communications Vicki Pape, “as it will finally provide debaters with adequate time to give an in-depth crystallization of the round.”
  • Debaters will be allowed to bring up a challenge if the opposing team presents a new argument in the last speech. This amendment, Pape elaborated, intends to discourage the practice of ‘sliming’ prevalent among public forum debaters.
  • Resolutions, rather than being released once a month, will change from round to round and will be provided to debaters 20 minutes before the start of the round. According to Wunn, this amendment was introduced by a member of the board who had recently judged a Public Forum tournament and listened to the “single-gender classrooms boost students’ confidence” argument six times in the scope of seven hours.
  • All preparation time in between speeches will be eliminated. “Prep time,” Wunn explained, “is something that’s prior to the round.”
  • Finally, the round’s length will be increased from 24 minutes of speaking time to 38 minutes of speaking time in an effort to increase the intellectual depth of the debate.


29 Mar 2014

TOC Resolutions Announcement

POI first introduced topic areas at NPDI 2013, where they were received positively by 71% of the debaters. As such, topic areas will make an appearance at TOC 2014.

Round 1:

- Topic Area: Venezuela. Nota Bene: Take a look at local English-language Venezuelan news sources such as El Universal and Venezuela Analysis.
- Internet prep allowed.

Round 2:
- Topic Area: monetary policy. Nota Bene: This round may or may not be US-specific. Focus on researching the underlying economic theories.
- Internet prep allowed.

Round 3:
- This round will utilize more common-knowledge resolutions than other rounds will.
- Oregon rules. No materials of any kind allowed during prep time.

Rounds 4-7:
- TOC 2014 prelims will be more balanced between foreign and domestic topics than TOC 2013 prelims were.
- Internet prep allowed.


17 Mar 2014

State Qualifiers

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Gunn PA (Patou & Atlas)
Gunn NP (Naveevan & Puglisi)
Leland LK (Luh & Kolwalkar)
Leland TC (Tang & Chen)
Mitty SE (Solanki & Eggleston)

O’Dowd CZ (Cunningham & Zaballos)
Dougherty Valley KW (Konath & Wang)
Logan TC (Tung & Chang)
San Ramon Valley PM (Pasqualina & Miner)
Sonoma Academy AM (Apostle & Noel)
Sonoma Academy GK (Greenberg & Kolling)
Windsor MF (Miller & Foster)

El Dorado GW (Ian Gollihur & Michael Weston)
Granite Bay KO (Klaeser & Ontiveros)
Granite Bay KS (Kristine Khieu & Maadhav Shah)
Mira Loma BD (Bahm & Debaswar)

Cypress AC (Julio Ayala & Eric Chhour)
Oxford SK (Aurik Sarker & Samuel Kim)
Oxford PH (Loren Park & Nick Hwangbo)
Oxford OL (Kaitlyn Allen-O’Gara & Phillip Leung)
Oxford KJ (Jaewon Kim & Saksham Jain)

Arcadia KL (Isaac Klipstein & Wilfred Lee)
Crescenta Valley WB (Jacob Wisda & Natalie Boyd)
San Marino WF (Bailey Wong & Evan Frawley)
San Marino LE (Rachelle Liu & Gregory Eng)

Bonita MW (Joanna Mrsich & Natalie Wharton)
Claremont MM (Anita Mathias & Sharon Musa)
La Quinta SB (Jesse Sanchez & Michael Bergh)
Claremont RM (Dwarak Reddy & Michaela Moriarty)

Carlsbad KL (Kirpatrick & Lee)


District 11
Lake Oswego XB (Robert Xu + Chris Beltrone)
Lake Oswego KF (Joel Kwartler + Shannon Fender)
La Salle RK (Travis Root & Joseph Kreitzberg)
autoqual: Lake Oswego TG (Ammas Tanveer + Max Groznik)